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The experts here at Platinum Roofing can handle more than just roofing repairs and replacements. We can take on any size siding replacement job for residential and commercial clients in Lincoln, NE or the surrounding areas. You can count on our team of specialists to replace all the siding on your property or just a small portion. 

 Platinum Roofing is here to make your home a beautiful, functional, and comfortable place to live. However, our siding replacement services are bound to keep the property value high should you ever want to sell the home or commercial space you currently own.

 There are lots of good reasons to get your siding replaced – whether it be renovations, updates, or storm damage – and even more reasons to trust Platinum Roofing to get the job done right.

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Is It Time for a Siding Replacement?

  • Warped, Cracked, or Rotting: The easiest way to indicate that it is time for a siding replacement is when you see significant damage. Whether your siding has small cracks, it’s soft to the touch, or warping, it is time to call a professional. If you wait too long to call a professional, your siding will only worsen, risking more significant damage in the future.
  • Blisters or Bubbles: When you see bubbles or blisters under your siding, it is a sign that water has been trapped. One of the primary purposes of your siding is to prevent moisture from entering your property, so when there is trapped moisture underneath your siding, it is time for a replacement.
  • Faded: When your siding starts to lose its color, it is time to call a professional for a siding replacement. While siding losing its color will not cause any immediate problems, it is a good indicator that it is time to make an update before any serious problems arise.
  • Peeling Wallpaper or Paint: You probably never thought that the inside of your home could indicate it is time for a siding replacement. If moisture is getting through the siding and onto your walls, it will cause your wallpaper and paint to chip. So, if you have been having problems with your wallpaper or paint, your siding could be the culprit.

Have you noticed any of the signs above? If so, give our team a call at Platinum Roofing. We take pride in providing quality siding replacements. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment. We proudly offer services to those in Lincoln, Omaha, Papillion, Fremont, Seward, Beatrice, Grand Island, Hastings, NE, and beyond.

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We have built our company on maintaining integrity, excellent communication, and top-notch workmanship. Over the years Platinum Roofing has been in business, we’ve had the opportunity to work on many different types of properties and gain incredibly valuable first-hand experience. Our specialists can take damaged, rotted, or molding siding and give you modern and energy-efficient siding on a timeline that works for you.


Our team is proud to be able to provide siding replacement services in Lincoln, Omaha, Papillion, Fremont, Seward, Beatrice, Grand Island, or Hastings, NE. Call us today for a free estimate.

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